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Yoga with a bump....

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Yoga is a wonderful thing to do while pregnant. It’s the perfect activity to physically look after your body with all the benefits that yoga provides for the mind too. And when your body is doing that amazing thing of growing a tiny human - it certainly deserves some extra-special care.

I was a yogi before I had my daughters and I remember being frustrated that I couldn’t continue with my local yoga class. This was way before the days of You Tube!

I’ve also felt saddened every time I’ve turned a pregnant woman away from my classes. And then my yogi daughter became pregnant and asked me for a class…

So I searched online and found the perfect teacher training course.

I trained in Prenatal Yoga with Katy Appleton of Appleyoga. I knew of Katy from the days when I used to do yoga at home with a video (the 1990s version of You Tube!) and from practicing online with her via Ekhart Yoga. So in my eyes she was famous!

The training was all online during lockdown 3. An informative, enjoyable, inclusive course where I met and trained with some amazing people. Katy Appleton was joined my Ruth Larkin of RL Sports Therapy (a fantastic baby massage teacher), Roisin of Sunshine Yoga Smiles (a joyful baby yoga teacher) and Kikki Hansard (founder of the Birth Bliss Academy and author of The Secrets of Birth). An incredible team to learn from!

To learn how to move and practice yoga in a different way, we used yoga blocks strapped onto our bellies. This worked very well although my cat was not impressed as she likes to play with yoga blocks!

To learn how to practice baby massage and baby yoga, we used a lifelike ‘weighted baby doll’. I called my doll Toby and I became very attached to him. I think I was the only person on the course with a fully clothed baby doll.

Toby was the perfect assistant to help me learn baby massage and yoga and he even put up with my singing!

So what are the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga?

  • A practice with a specialist teacher who understands the needs of a pregnant body.

  • Poses and movements designed strengthen and stretch in a healthy and safe way.

  • Breathing practices and meditation techniques to help with labour.

  • A gentle, flowing practice to ease the aches and discomforts of pregnancy.

  • A supportive class where you can meet other local mums to be!

  • Calms the mind, reduces anxiety and improves sleep.

  • Gives you time to connect to your body and your baby.

  • Increases stamina, strength and flexibility of muscles needed for birth.

  • Helps you find balance physically and emotionally, promoting a healthier pregnancy.

  • Time especially for you to deeply relax, rest and charge your batteries!

My Pregnancy Yoga Classes

I started teaching pregnancy yoga online in March 2021. My daughter was in my first class and it felt so special to be teaching her and my unborn grandchild.

We moved to in-person classes in May 2021 and I absolutely love it! A class full of beautiful mamas with their precious tiny souls growing and full of love.

My class will help you flow with your breath, connect to your baby and ease away the aches that pregnancy brings.

I share pranayama (breathing techniques), simple meditation and deep relaxation to help during pregnancy and labour.

I believe it’s the perfect way to prepare for birth and motherhood.

My pregnancy classes are held weekly at Ketley Community Centre in Telford and I would love to share yoga with you and your growing bump!

Positive Pregnancy Workshops

I also co-host Positive Pregnancy Workshops with Lucie Young of Boho Birth Collective and these special events consist of prenatal yoga, hypnobirthing and a blissful pregnancy relaxation.

So what's next?

As we now have a new family member, I think some Baby Yoga classes are needed...


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