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Pregnancy Yoga

A special yoga class for the mum-to-be...

Yoga is a wonderful way to nourish your body and mind during this special time. 

Whether you are an experienced yogi or stepping onto a yoga mat for the first time, this five week course will help you flow with your breath, connect to your baby and ease away the aches that pregnancy brings. 


I will share pranayama (breathing techniques), simple meditation and deep relaxation to help during pregnancy and labour.  


The perfect way to prepare for birth and motherhood.

You don't need to be fit or bendy and beginners are especially welcome! 


Suitable for 14 weeks of pregnancy onward.  

Rather than a block or a course, this class is now a Pay As You Go weekly class. This will make the classes easier to pay for, give you more flexibility around dates you can attend and allow you to continue for as long as you like. I've had people continuing with pregnancy yoga right up to their due date!


Classes are Tuesdays, 7:05pm - 8pm

The price is £9 per class.

If you are not quite 14 weeks yet but want to register your interest and get a reminder nearer the time, you are welcome to sign up to my waiting list using the link below.

I'd love you to join me!

Debbie x

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