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Ayurveda and Yoga using Marma Points...

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic wellbeing system and is said to be the sister science to yoga. I love to incorporate a little bit of Ayurveda into my Yin Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga classes by using Marma Points.

Marma Points are energy centres around the body and are similar to acupuncture points which are used in Chinese Medicine. There are 107 Marmani around the body, each serving a different purpose. Marma therapy can improve circulation, relieve tension and boost our energy; it's an important part of our self care and healing.

Talahridaya Marma

This is a small point in the centre of your palm, about half a finger’s width in size. Known as “the heart of the hand”, Ayurveda tells us this Marma is connected to our heart, lungs and respiratory health.

Massaging this energy point improves our circulation and the flow of our prana (energy). It can also improve our creativity.

Use the thumb of the opposite hand to massage this area with a small, circular motion. You’ll know when you have found Talahridaya Marma, as like all Marma Points, it can feel a little tender.

You can incorporate this Marma Massage at any point in your yoga practice - it can be done at the beginning, middle or even after Savasana. It can also be done outside of your yoga practice for a little bit of self care, anywhere and at any time of day. I find it really calming. You could make it even more relaxing by using your favourite essential oil blend or some plain almond oil.

It’s probably something you will have done without even realising it!

We also stimulate Talahridaya Marma when we rub our hands together at the end of a class before placing our warm palms over our closed eyes. You can feel the energy in the hands when we do this!

Kshipra Marma

Another marma in the hand is Kshipra Marma. This one is located in the fleshy part of the hand between the thumb and index finger. This too is connected to the heart and lungs and can be massaged for similar benefits.

photo of hand indicating location of Kshipra Marma

Kshipra Marma Meditation

This is a simple meditation which helps to focus and quieten the mind. Meditation doesn't have to be done sitting cross legged on the floor - this can be done however you are comfortable to sit.

Use the thumb and finger of the opposite hand to gently find the tender point indicating the marma point. As you sit and tune into to your breath, apply gentle pressure to Kshipra Marma as you inhale and release the pressure on the exhalation.

Inhale - use the thumb and finger to apply gentle pressure to the Marma Point.

Exhale - release the pressure.

Repeat for as long as you feel comfortable to - even for as little as a minute will improve the flow of your energy and help you to feel grounded and calm.

Both of these Marmani have corresponding points in your feet, which can be massaged for the same benefits.

Ayurveda and yoga working perfectly together to improve your wellbeing.

I'd love you to join me for a class...

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