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Embracing the Magic of Women's Circles

The experience of hosting my first Women's Circle on an autumnal September Friday evening was nothing short of magical. It was a gathering of incredible women, most of whom were new to the concept of Women's Circles.

The Power of Honesty and Openness: It was a circle of trust, a brave space where we could skip the small talk and engage in honest and heartfelt conversations, free from the constraints of our daily roles. Sharing your story is always optional in my circles; women are also welcome to sit, simply listen and absorb the support of a gathering of soul sisters.

Women's Circle Altar featuring candles, feathers, autumn leaves and apples

Themes We Explored:

The Meaning of a Circle: We contemplated the significance of a circle, the history and the symbolism of the items placed in our central altar.

Transitioning into Autumn: As the season was beginning to change, we discussed what we needed to shed and let go of in our own lives. It was a chance for personal growth and renewal.

Oracle Cards: We turned to Oracle cards to provide guidance and clarity, helping us gather our thoughts before our meditation.

Harvesting Wisdom: As women, we carry a wealth of wisdom within us. We shared our insights, offering support and understanding to one another.

Journalling: recording our thoughts, feelings, reflections, and experiences. A creative practice which can be as simple as a few words or doodles.

Tea and Cake: And, of course, we enjoyed the simple pleasure of chatting over tea and cake. A warm and cosy element to our gathering, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Hopefully this has given you a flavour of what to expect and what happens in a Women's Circle. I'd love to welcome you!

Debbie x


Join Us for my next Women's Circle...

My Women's Circles are now held monthly in Telford, Shropshire and if you are local, you are very welcome to join us. My Soul Sisters VIP List are always the first to hear when booking opens and you add your contact details via the link below...

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